Focal Trio6 ST6 studio monitor with dual Focus Mode
Horizontally oriented Focal Trio6 ST6
Rear panel of Focal's Trio6 ST6 active studio monitor
Focal Trio6 ST6 Active Studio Monitor

Focal present a 3-way addition to for their innovate ST6 range of professional studio monitors. The Trio6 ST6 features incredible dynamic range, unrivalled clarity and unique switching features for comparative mixing.

£2599.00 inc VAT
EAN 3544057780395

  • 1.5” Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
  • 8” 'W' composite LF driver
  • 5” 'W' composite MF driver
  • Optimised baffle tweeter for dispersion control
  • Dual Focus Mode for A/B/C comparative mixing
  • Large laminar port for reduced distortion
  • Reinforced cabinet design for reduced vibrations
  • Auto stand-by mode (can be disengaged)
  • LF & HF shelving controls
  • Rotate HF and midrange section for horizontal/vertical
MusicTech 10/10 Excellence Award

"Undoubtedly worth every pound they cost. Quality tools in experienced hands make quality work"

Music Tech

Taking advantage of Focal’s very latest achievements in speaker design, The Trio6 ST6 features an 8” woofer composed of proprietary W-sandwich cone material, 5” midrange with Tuned Mass Damper technology and a new and improved 1.5” beryllium tweeter.

Trio6 ST6 takes Focal’s popular Focus mode feature a step further, offering 1-way, 2-way and full-range configuration switching with a simple foot-switch press. In 1-way mode only the monitor’s midrange is active, while in 2-way mode the mid-range plus high-frequency driver are active. Finally in full-range mode all 3 drivers are engaged.

TMD Technology
Trio6 ST6 mid-range driver with TMD technology

Trio6 ST6’s midrange benefits from Focal’s unique Tuned Mass Damper technology which reduces distortion by half in the 1-3kHz frequency range.

Auto Standby
Rear panel of Trio6 ST6 with auto-standby control

For power-saving, Trio6 ST6 will automatically switch to standby mode after a short period of silence. This feature can also be user-disengaged if desired.

Focal's Trio6 ST6 in console meter-bridge situ

Frequency Response 35Hz – 40kHz
Max SPL 115dB
Input Balanced XLR
Power 100W bass, 100W midrange, 50W treble
Dimensions 537 x 292 x 369mm, 25kg