Black Lion Revolution EXP 8x8 ADAT converter
Rear panel of Black Lion's Revolution EXP
Revolution EXP featuring 8x8 ADAT expansion
Black Lion Revolution EXP 8x8 Converter

Black Lion Audio are back with a next-generation 8x8 AD/DA converter armed with ADAT, Word Clock and the power to seriously expand your studio channel count.

£899.00 inc VAT
EAN 753459974940

  • 16x channels of pro-quality AD/DA conversion
  • 16x analogue I/O (TRS)
  • 16x digital I/O (ADAT)
  • Up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution
  • Ultra-low jitter Macro MMC word clocking
  • External power supply

For many producers and mix engineers, 2 or 6 input audio interface configurations can be quickly lapped by multiple-output synthesiser rigs, drum machines, drum sessions or ambient room microphone setups. In just 1U of rack space, Black Lion's Revolution EXP can expand interfaces with 8 additional line-level analogue inputs all via a single ADAT channel.

Revolution EXP also opens up 8 analogue outputs perfect for routing to summing mixers to inject analogue warmth across an entire mix, or to facilitate routing to multichannel speaker systems including Dolby Atmos. Additionally, EXP's I/O array can also be used as a hub to route external outboard such as hardware compressors, filters, and multi effects including hardware reverbs.

MMC Clocking
Revolution EXP features superior MMC clocking

Black Lion have included their proprietary MMC Macro clocking technology, yielded from years of boutique modifications and research, in every EXP unit. Flexible sampling rates can also be selected up to 192kHz.

Boutique Components
Revolution EXP's boutique internal components

Drawing on meticulous tests from over a decade, Black Lion have selected only the finest Nichicon, Vishay and Wima components to ensure maximum signal quality and low noise.

Revolution EXP 8x8 I/O expansion converter

Sample Rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz
Dimensions 483 x 229 x 445mm, 1.41kg
Max Input 15.9 dBu
Dynamic Range 112.837 dB
Crosstalk -119.090 dB
Frequency Response +/-0.025 dB
Max Output 16dBu
THD+N 0.00077%