Black Lion's Revolution 6x6 audio interface
Rear panel of Black Lion Audio's Revolution 6x6 interface
Angle-view of Revolution 6x6 from Black Lion
Black Lion Revolution 6x6 USB-C Audio Interface

Black Lion's Revolution continues with the introduction of their 6-channel all purpose audio interface featuring innovative clocking, pristine conversion and built-in power conditioning technology.

£579.00 inc VAT
EAN 753459506523

6-channel audio interface
2x preamps, 2x line inputs
S/PDIF and Word Clock
Dual headphone outputs
DA and AD conversion
USB OTG support and standalone mode
Macro-MMC internal clocking
Built-in PG-i noise reduction
Class compliant USB connectivity

The Revolution 6x6 serves as a formidable centrepiece to any home to mid-sized commercial studio configuration. Dual preamps are available alongside two line-level inputs, word clock and S/PDIF connectivity for easy digital expansion. All inputs and outputs are 100% decoupled and balanced to a high standard usually only found in premium studio recording components. Top-shelf Vishay, Nichinicon and Wima capacitors have also been meticulously chosen to work alongside MELF resistors and high-end integrated circuits for  incredible "modded out of the box" performance.

For ease of sampling, the Revolution 6x6 also incudes a dedicated USB OTG connection to capture audio seamlessly from any smartphone or tablet.

Several cutting-edge technologies have also been borrowed from the Black Lion family's upper product echelons, including proprietary Macro-MMC clocking from Black Lion's range of Master Clocks, and PG-i intelligent noise reduction from the PowerGrid range of power conditioners.

Intuitive Software Bundle
Presonus Studio Artist One included out of of the box

As with other Black Lion interfaces, an incredible range of software is included out of the box to get users up and recording. Each Revolution 6x6 ships with the PreSonus Studio One Artist digital audio workstation, along with plugins from Izotope, Brainworx, Psychic Modulation, and Lindell Audio.

Direct Monitoring
Revolution 6x6 headphone amps and direct monitoring switch

Revolution 6x6's direct monitoring feature allows instant switching between direct and playback mixes. For collaborative production work, the front panel also features two dedicated and fully amplified headphone outputs with independent level controls, plus a mono sum switch.

Black Lion Revolution 6x6 high-end internal circuitry

Platform macOS (class compliant), Windows 10+ (driver)
Input Impedance 2KΩ mic, 15KΩ line
Gain Range 59dB
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz +/- 0.25dB
THD + N 0.01% (Min Gain)
Dynamic Range 112dB (A-Weighted)
Crosstalk < 100dB
Output Impedance 47Ω (balanced)
Dimensions 330 x 305 x 152mm, 2.72kg