Black Lion's 32-point PBR XLR32 Dsub patchbay
Rear view of Black Lion's PBR XLR32 patchbay
Black Lion PBR XLR32 Patchbay

With studio-grade connectivity and gold-plated connectors, the Black Lion PBR XLR32 Dsub patch bay maintains consistently exceptional quality throughout its signal path.

£469.00 inc VAT
EAN 753459979853

  • 32x audiophile-grade gold-plated XLR connectors
  • 4x audiophile-grade gold-plated DB25 connectors
  • Black-anodised aluminium faceplate
  • Reinforced steel chassis
  • Internal steel mounting plate for secure DB25 connections
  • Front panel labelling

The PBR XLR32 Dsub patchbay features 32 front-facing XLR ports catering for 16 inputs and 16 outputs across two rows. Each connector is gold-plated for optimum conduction and clarity of signal, loaded with a locking function to ensure stability when an XLR cable is engaged.

Each of the four rear-mounted DB25/Dsub connectors has been securely mounted via a partitioning internal steel backplate for rock-solid security and to eliminate wear and tear from reconnections year on year.

Made to Blend
The PBR XLR32's black-anodised front panel

Each PBR XLR32 Dsub is finished with a black anodised aluminium faceplate for a sleek and professional look that seamlessly blends with studio outboard and racks.

Custom Labelling
Custom Black Lion PBR labelling available from PatchCAD

Each channel front-facing channel on the PBR XLR32 Dsub can be labelled by hand, or with Black Lion's custom printed labels available to order via PatchCAD.

Black Lion's PBR XLR32 featuring rear DB25 connectors

Number of Points 32
Front Connectors 32x XLR
Rear Connectors 4x DB25
Dimensions 610 x 216 x 15cm, 3.17kg (boxed)