KICK from Avantone Pro
Subkick-style microphone from Avantone without stand
Avantone KICK Sub Frequency Dynamic Microphone

Based on the design of classic sub-frequency microphones, the Avantone Pro KICK is designed with an over-size transducer to capture low-end frequencies and add even more depth to your mix.

£425.00 inc VAT
EAN 696550434909

  • Delivers strong bass reproduction
  • AV10-MLF driver
  • Real drum shell
  • Ships with heavy-duty stand

KICK is built with a real drum shell housing a single AV10 MLF driver, based on the classic NS10 driver design of the 1990s, which serves as the capsule’s chief component and captures an incredibly wide range of sub frequencies.

Each KICK also ships with a double braced rugged aluminium drum stand for perfect positioning either on stage or in the studio. When it comes to getting the perfect sub frequency recording placement is key, so users are recommended to try several different positioning scenarios before settling on the perfect sound.

Resurrecting the subkick microphone from late 90s recording
Perfect Partners
KICK from Avantone featuring AV10 internal driver

Whilst KICK covers a wide frequency range in the low end, Avantone still recommend partnering sub frequency mics with a regular dynamic microphone to capture the high-end – affectionately referred to by Avantone as the 'snap.’

Low-Register Depth
Avantone KICK subkick microphone schematic

The KICK sub frequency microphone is the perfect partner to add depth to a range of different low-register sources such as tuba, double bass, timpani, and of course most famously kick drum.

Avantone Pro's KICK with snare stand mount

Frequency Response 50Hz-2kHz
Output Impedance 6.3 Ω
Pattern Figure 8
Shell Birch Ply
Dimensions 29 x 29 x 14cm (WxHxD), 4.6kg inc stand