GAUSS 7 - right angle shot
GAUSS 7 front array shot
Avantone GAUSS 7 Active Studio Monitors

Avantone resurrect yet another sorely-missed relic from the tomes of audio history – proudly presenting the GAUSS 7 active studio monitor set.

£549.00 inc VAT
EAN 696550580453

  • Active full-range two-way studio monitor
  • High fidelity GAU-AMT tweeter for smooth "air" frequencies
  • Unique woofer design with old-school snap
  • Adjustable gain, acoustic placement and high trim
  • Reference quality soundstage
  • 180W power per monitor
  • Balanced TRS / XLR inputs on rear panel
  • Sold as stereo pair
SoundOnSound Magazine

"The Gauss 7 inexpensively channels a vintage monitor vibe with an engaging combination of characteristics"


The GAU AMT ribbon tweeter has been specifically designed to deliver long mixing sessions without fatigue. Transients are detailed and accurate, while the mid-range response is on-point and perfectly natural.

Old School Meets New
GAUSS 7 ribbon tweeter module

GAUSS 7 has been designed to bring the old school transient snap of vintage near field monitors to a modern audience armed with a powerful new school bass response.

Each driver array is composed of a GAU-AMT 65mm polythene ribbon tweeter providing ultra smooth response and a remarkable stereo field, along with a wood pulp and glass fibre blend woofer inspired by Avantone's AV10 driver featured most famously in the CLA10 studio monitor range, and a rear firing bass port for low end clarity.

Match Your Environment
GAUSS 7 white cone drivers

Users can optimise the GAUSS 7 for specific rooms using the three position high trim switch and gain control for precise calibration.

Gauss 7 resurrects a classic studio monitor model while ably meeting the needs of modern studio producers. Each component works in harmony to provide vintage snap, with a powerful yet un-hyped low end and absolutely bags of detail.

Powered GAUSS 7 studio monitors from Avantone Pro

Frequency Response 30Hz - 22KHz
Power 120 W (LF), 60W (HF)
THD 0.5%
SPL 103dB (Peak)
Drivers 7” ferrite motor woofer, 2.5” AG-AMT tweeter
Dimensions 381 x 235 x 212mm (HxWxD), 8.2kg