Presenting Black Lion's Auteur Mk3

Now in its third incarnation, Black Lion proudly present a new Auteur for 2022 with up-to-date features, a revamped design and phenomenal sound.

"Every good mic needs a great preamp"

The heritage of the Black Lion Auteur preamp model is borne from years of equipment mods. After around a decade of giving new leases of life to older gear, the Chicago company amassed a concise set of traits that made good preamplifiers sound great, culminating in the release of their own from-scratch product: the Auteur Mk1.

Auteur Mk3 from Black Lion AudioGen-Three

Auteur Mk3 embodies the same spirit of its elders, sporting a 2 channel configuration with fast responses and a thick low-end. The Mk3’s internals are a combination of new and old, featuring a modern front-end for as much transparency as possible as well as a vintage inspired output-stage powered by Cinemag transformers.

The combination of both stages delivers an unarguably massive sound that brings liveliness and colour to almost any source.

Behind The Mic

Along with being a great partner for condenser, dynamic and ribbon mics, the Mk3 Auteur is also loaded with line level and Hi-Z inputs for accommodating keyboards, synths, guitar and bass. Thanks to its dual balanced inputs, the preamp can also be used to add finishing warmth to a stereo mix.

Finished in matte black, Auteur Mk3’s chassis has been built to perform at its best even the liveliest studio or on-tour atmosphere. Unlike previous models, its rack ears can also be removed for a tidier desktop aesthetic or portability.

Auteur Mk3's front control panel and rear I/O array

Available Spring 2022

Auteur Mk3 will begin shipping in February of 2022, for pricing and availability contact our pro audio sales team.

  • Posted on 2 February 2022 by Roy Brockington