You Say You Want A BLA Revolution?

This week renowned outboard and modification specialists Black Lion Audio introduced their very first audio interface. Designed with exacting and tirelessly tested components, Black Lion's newest product draws on decades of manufacturing and modding experience at every single level.

Not your average interface

Black Lion's mission was to create an interface that would stand out from the wide range of "cheap and portable" and to revolutionise bus-powered studio grade interfaces. Whilst a wide range of affordable products on the market can be used to create a relatively polished demo, Black Lion set out to build an interface you could make and finish a record with.

How did they do? The results will knock your socks off...

Black Lion's Revolution 2x2 Audio Interface

Dawn of the Revolution 2x2

Black Lion's Revolution 2x2 has been designed with a sound-first philosophy. The quality of playback and capture is akin to larger high-end converters far beyond the price bracket in which Revolution resides.

This is thanks to meticulous choices of AD and DA chips combined with a proprietary Macro-MMC clocking technology built by in-house and borne from Black Lion's experience developing the MicroClock serious as well as countless 3rd party interface mods.

Armed with this phenomenal conversion and clocking tech, making finished recordings on a budget really is within reach.

Analogue at the core

The Black Lion team are experts in getting the very best from circuitry. For the Revolution, high-end Vishay, Nichicon and Wima capacitors have been selected from a huge range of choices and tests to achieve flawlessly decoupled and balanced results, along with a negligible signal to noise ratio.

Revolution 2x2 - the Black Lion interface that revolutionises USB bus powered interfacing

Bucking the hum

Revolution draws on yet another BLA custom technology to reduce noise contamination, even from connected source equipment. "PG-i" technology was established during the development of Black Lion's power conditioner range and enables high-grade filtering at every stage of the Revolution's design.

Power is also expertly decoupled across the entire circuit (including the preamp stage, convertors, power block – even clocking section). Asides from keeping the product free from internal noise, this also helps combat hum contamination from connected recording equipment and peripherals.

All the tools for the job

In order to provide a seamless pro audio recording product that provides all necessary functionality out of the box, Black Lion have curated a comprehensive suite of audio software that come included at no extra cost.

Black Lion's Revolution comes with a bespoke software bundle including plugins from Brainworx, IzoTope, Lindell, and Presonus's Studio ONE Artist DAW

Studio One Artist from Presonus is a hugely popular and fully functional DAW featuring unlimited tracks (catering for even larger sessions) and third plugin support for a huge industry ecosystem of virtual instruments and virtual rack effects.

Black Lion even get your plugin experience started, including the IzoTope Elements Suite (featuring Nektar, Neutron, Ozone and RX8), the hugely popular Brainworx BX Digital EQ plugin, and finally Lindell Audio's 6X500 preamp emulator.

Coming First Quarter – 2021

Announced at NAMM's Believe In Music Week, the Revolution 2x2 interfaces are due to land in the UK this very quarter. For full details on pricing availability, or to become a Black Lion Audio dealer, contact our Pro Audio Sales team.

  • Posted on 19 January 2021 by Roy Brockington