Number One In Sound: SPL Series One

This month SPL have proudly announced the introduction of the brand new product range.

The philosophy behind the new line is that sound should always be featured in the foreground, and that good sound invokes more/better listening. To achieve this, SPL recognise the need for both experience and technical finesse, and have strived to weave as much of each into Series One as technologically possible.

Small Footprint, Huge Performance

True to their mission statement, the affordable Series One range draws heavily from some of SPL’s greatest existing innovations in their more boldly priced professional audio product lines, including the groundbreaking Phonitor Matrix technology to emulate the experience of mixing with monitors in a headphone capacity.

The products that comprise Series One aim to capture the highly acclaimed performance of SPL professional products in a neat, desktop-friendly design, and – importantly – impressively affordable price tag.

Meet The Range

Phonitor One
Presenting an audiophile headphone amplifier powered by a True FET preamp stage and Class A/B push pull power amp. The Phonitor One allows connection of two analogue stereo sources with balanced and unbalanced options, and incorporates SPL’s Phonitor Matrix for critical monitor-style mixing.

SPL's Phonitor One headphone amplifier designed for audiophiles

Phonitor One d
All the headphone amp benefits of the Phonitor One, with the added functionality of a digital to analogue converter section powered a premium AKM DAC chip and capable of 32-bit conversion over both PCM and DSD. Find out more about the Phonitor One d on our product page.

Phonitor d headphone amp and DAC from SPL

October 2020 And Beyond...

SPL’s Phonitor One and Phonitor One d headphone amplifiers will be arriving in the UK from October 2020. For all information on pricing, availability and technical specifications please contact our pro audio sales department.

SCV is pleased to confirm that two further members of the Series One family of products – named Marc One and Control One – will be announced later in this month (Oct 2020)! Follow us on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all the latest SCV pro audio product news.

Two more SPL Series One models are due for release later in October – watch this space!

  • Posted on 1 October 2020 by Anonymous