Sonarworks Launches Education Range

Since its official launch in 2012, the Sonarworks software family has become synonymous with achieving true reference monitoring and overcoming the trials of almost any studio workspace acoustics to achieve a vastly improved mix.

For those unfamiliar with the range, Sonarworks Reference 4 is an application and plugin suite that allows intelligent compensation algorithms to go to work, tailoring your sound according to specific headphones or monitors by manufacturer and model.

By applying the Reference 4 plugin or standalone application, engineers and musicians alike can gain vital insight into their studio mix to help translatability between different equipment, different speakers and different listening spaces.

Back To School...

Following its success across thousands of home and commercial studios worldwide,  Sonarworks is now breaking new ground in the music education sector and is already in use across more than 200 schools and universities worldwide.

As a teaching tool in institutions, Reference 4 can demonstrate the role played by frequency response and room interference during the mix and mastering stages of music production.

This allows for a better understanding of mixing and acoustics, in turn producing better graduates, better mixers and better studio engineers-to-be.

Presenting the Sonarworks Reference 4 Education range for

Meet The Sonarworks Education Range

Sonarworks Educational products come in 4 different flavours across physical products and activation codes available via digital delivery.

Sonarworks Reference 4 Education – headphone edition, available by direct download
Reference 4 Education Headphone Edition

Provides a full headphone license including DAW plugins and Sonarworks' systemwide core audio application with access to their full library of headphone blueprints across a multitude of makes and models. The R4 Educational Headphone Edition is available only as a downloadable activation code and installer.

Sonarworks' Reference 4 Education studio edition – available as a direct software download
Reference 4 Education Studio Edition

A full studio edition license including R4 measure for speaker calibration, plugins across all major platforms including AAX, AU and VST, and a system-wide application for working with core audio sources outside of the DAW. As with the Headphone Edition, R4 Education Studio is available as a digital download and activation code combo.

Sonarworks Reference 4 Education Studio Edition bundle including XREF20 measurement microphone
Studio Edition Microphone Bundle

Features a physical boxed Reference 4 Education Studio Edition license bundled with Sonarworks’ XREF20 microphone for room measurement purposes during the Reference 4 calibration process.

Sonarworks Reference 4 Education Monoprice bundle including headphone edition license and Monoprice pre-calibrated headphones
Monoprice Headphone Education Bundle

For students starting out who also require headphones for mixing, DJing, music listening or any other pro audio applications, Sonarworks’ Monoprice bundle offers a fully furnished starter kit with pre-calibrated Monoprice headphones and a ready-to-activate Education Headphone Edition license out of the box.

With this concise collection of Education-tier products available to students at a lucrative discount, Sonarworks Reference 4 ensures that whatever the environment, learners are armed with the same flat frequency response on which to base their mixing decisions while working.
Sam Friend, Professor at University of Nevada and Sonarworks Education endorsee

For my students, there is finally an environment correction option that allows them to effectively work with the gear they already have.

Sam Friend (Professor at University of Nevada - Las Vegas)

Educational Access In The UK

Sonarworks is distributed in the UK and Ireland via SCV
Authorised UK dealers are now receiving their first units of Sonarworks Education Reference 4 products. To find your nearest reseller, contact SCV’s Pro Audio Sales department.

Please note that proof of enrolment must be provided in order to obtain educational pricing. Also whilst retail licenses may be installed on more than one device simultaneously, it is important to note that educational licenses may only be installed on one machine.

  • Posted on 30 July 2020 by Roy Brockington