SCV Announce Distribution Of SPL

Today SCV are extremely excited to announce a brand new partnership with Sound Performance Lab, more commonly known as SPL.

SCV will take on distribution of all professional audio products across SPL’s studio and mastering product portfolio, for both UK and Ireland territories.

We are really looking forward to working with SCV Distribution. As an expert for Professional and Consumer Audio, SCV Distribution is the perfect partner to support our dealer network in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Hermann Gier (Managing Partner, SPL)

A Brief History

Sound Performance Lab, known as SPLSPL was founded in 1983 by sound engineer Wolfgang Neumann who began designing and building his own preamps, compressors and gates while working at a recording studio in the late 1970s. By 1987, Neumann had hired musician and economics guru Hermann Gier as a managing partner, and the company quickly started to gain momentum.

During the early years SPL developed the Vitalizer, a unique and patented EQ system developed from scratch which gave the company notoriety for the first time outside of Germany and has sold at least 100,000 units worldwide across various product generations.

This was followed by another landmark release in the 1990s with the birth of SPL's Transient Designer. The dynamic envelope shaping abilities of the Transient Designer were particularly sought after by studios in the United States, and SPL was catapulted to cross-continental fame as the decade progressed.

SPL's Transient Designer 4 including dynamic envelope filteringAfter the turn of the millennium, SPL turned their attention to headroom performance, culminating in the invention of their proprietary 120V technology which is now used in a high number of SPL studio and mastering products to incredible effect. Asides from increasing headroom to almost ‘undistortable' levels, 120V technology also boosts dynamic range to cultivate a truly natural feel to any source or track it turns its talents to.

The SPL Philosophy

SPL’s company focus has always centred around creativity, performance and most importantly problem solving.

Hermann Gier highlights a particular episode in the early 2000s where mixing on headphones in his family home to avoid noise was producing both excellent headphone mixes, and dreadful loudspeaker mixes.

To solve the problem and bridge the gap, the company produced Phonitor Matrix technology. By employing tuneable crossfades to emulate the angled position of speakers while listening, SPL made it possible to create epic mixes on headphones which translated seamlessly also to monitors.

A bold selection from SPL's extensive product family

SCV’s newly forged partnership with SPL comes at an exciting time when the company’s portfolio has broadened to more than 30 unique, highly powerful recording and mastering products, along with a prestigious heritage across the audio industry.

As manufacturers of unique and incredibly innovative audio technology, SPL are a company that we at SCV could not be happier to be working with.

Andrew Stirling (Sales & Marketing Director, SCV Distribution)

Explore SPL's full product range here, or for more information on pricing, availability and product specifications, contact the SCV pro audio sales department.

  • Posted on 8 July 2020 by Roy Brockington