Two Compressors In One: Black Lion Audio Present B172A

Since the release of their hugely successful Seventeen 1176-style FET compressor, the question of whether Black Lion Audio would release a 19" optical limiter to join it has been a topic of much debate. The Chicago-based company’s newest release announced this week includes not only optical compression, but also FET, and a raft of versatile routing features! Let’s take a look…

A Dynamic Duo

Throughout the world’s studios, engineers have relied on different flavours of optical and solid-state FET compression to sympathetically serve a variety of different vocals, instruments and mix busses depending on their timbre.

Black Lion's B172a features both a Seventeen and 2A circuit

With the release of the B172A, Black Lion have combined two enormously popular circuits: the Seventeen (an 1176 style FET compressor), and a brand new optical compressor based on the vintage Teletronix LA2A.

Crystal Clear Optics

To create their 2A circuit, Black Lion have developed their very first custom design opto-cell called the T4BLA designed to be the single best T4B-style element available on the market today. Additionally, a Cinemag transformer has been specially chosen for output duties and to achieve the most authentic sound possible.

Choose Your Road, Choose Your Vehicle

Traditionally, separate 1176 and LA2A compressors have been used side by side to catch audio peaks and handle heavier compression in tandem, however the question of whether optical or FET should be first in the chain is still very much down to personal mixing preference.

Black Lion's B172A designed and built in Chicago

With the B172A’s specially designed routing capabilities, both compressor circuits can be used either in AB or BA orientations at the simple flick of a switch. Plus for even more flexibility a third switch position allows for entirely independent use of both the 17 and 2A circuits, stereo linkable across multiple B172A models.

Available Autumn 2019

B172A will begin shipping from the US in late Summer 2019 and will hit the UK shores early Autumn. For full specifications on the B172A check out our product page, or for further information contact the SCV pro audio sales department.

  • Posted on 3 July 2019 by Roy Brockington