Focal Announce Trio11 Near and Midfield Studio Monitor

Today at the NAMM Show in Anaheim California, Focal announced the latest addition to its acclaimed Be (Beryllium) studio monitor range. The Trio11 Be is a versatile near and midfield monitor designed as a high performance tool to satisfy the needs of modern music producers all the way up to exacting audio and mastering engineers.

The Focal Trio11 Be near and midfield studio monitor speakerFeaturing a 5” midrange and 10” subwoofer, Trio11 Be employs several of Focal’s newest technology innovations to ensure more power and less noise: TMD surrounds on the Trio’s medium driver for more precision and reduced distortion, NIC for stabilised magnetic flux, optimised vents for bass definition and further dynamic control, and high excursion to provide the speaker drivers with even more linearity. In practice the synergy of these technologies achieves reproduction of the tiniest details, whilst lowering noise and ensuring precision of the stereo image.

Inheriting some design similarities from its smaller brother (the Trio6 Be), the Trio11 Be combines a 3-way and 2-way monitor in one unit. Both configurations are switchable via Focal’s unique ‘FOCUS’ mode which can be activated at the push of a button, or remotely via footswitch.

Specially selected Class G amplifiers power the Trio11 Be’s midrange and subwoofer sections to provide high SPL (118dB @ 1m) and an extended bandwidth of 30 Hz - 40 kHz, extremely versatile specs which allow the product to excel in nearfield, midfield and even installation situations.

Focal Trio11 Be horizontal configurationIn-line with the aptly named ‘Be’ range, the Trio11’s tweeter is made of pure Beryllium in Focal’s signature inverted dome shape. The result is a driver that transfers optimum energy from coil to dome and produces perfectly linear frequency response (1000 - 40,000Hz) along with highly detailer treble-end reproduction. Meanwhile, Focal’s 10” subwoofer driver is composed of a W-profile ‘sandwich’ cone prized for its rigidity lightness and damping – three qualities that aid the Trio11 Be’s awesome sound neutrality.

As with the Trio6 Be, Focal have employed a rotatable aluminium baffle housing the monitor’s tweeter and woofer drivers. This can be rotated in 90 degree increments to allow vertical or horizontal placement of the Trio11 Bes optimising listening performance in a wide range of room configurations with varying acoustics.

The Trio11 Be is 100% made in France, and its signature dark red burr-ash veneer side panels are an instantly recognisable trait of the monitor’s discreet and hard-wearing aesthetic.

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  • Posted on 24 January 2019 by Roy