SCV Welcomes Black Lion Audio

SCV is thrilled to announce a newly established partnership with US-based pro audio outboard manufacturer Black Lion Audio.

A selection of Black Lion Audio's product family
A selection of Black Lion Audio's product family

Opened in 2006 in Chicago, IL, Black Lion Audio originally built its resounding reputation on pro audio equipment modifications. The goal to improve quality of sound from existing units instead of spending large amounts of money to swapping them out and generating waste naturally resonated within the industry. However, before long Black Lion Audio's scope was broadened to also include a range of boutique pro audio equipment, made in-house at their Chicago premises, all available at an astonishingly affordable price.

Each aspect of Black Lion Audio's flawless design, build and modification processes reflect the company's the incredibly hard-working, no-nonsense ethics.

Over the years since their launch, Black Lion's audio innovations have made their mark into record label projects - both major independent, TV shows, commercials and even software sample libraries.

Black Lion's current product range is comprised of a boutique range of clocks and preamps in both standalone and API's modular 500-series formats:

Auteur MkII

A rock solid two-channel preamp designed to bridge the gap between clean, transparent preamps and those with lots of color and bite. The Auteur MkII neatly spans the world of both vintage and modern sound at an affordable price-point.

Black Lion Audio Auteur MkII dual channel preamp
Black Lion Audio Auteur MkII dual channel preamp
(also available in 500-series format)



Black Lion Audio’s own 1073-style single channel microphone preamp. Lorded by many and the most “bang for your buck” preamp in existence, B173 captures the essence of the original 1073 in a price bracket that boggles the mind.

Black Lion Audio B173 - classic Neve 1073 style preamp
Black Lion Audio B173 - classic Neve 1073 style preamp
(also available in 500-series format)


B12a MkII

According to many (including the bods at Harmony Central), the B12A MkII is one of the best ways to get into 312A-style microphone pre-amping at a reasonable price. The B12a features a titrating Cinemag input transformer, less noise, and more API®-style gain than ever before.

Black Lion Audio B12a - API 312a style American preamp
Black Lion Audio B12a MkII - API 312a style American preamp
(also available in 500-series format)


Micro Clock II, III and III XB

Black Lion Audio Micro Clock III XB
Black Lion Audio's Micro Clock III XB

Black Lion's range of external word clocks are renowned the world-over for their elegant design and ultra-low jitter. Three current models are currently available offering varying I/O and available sampling rates. Full specifications can be found on our Micro Clock product pages: IIIIIIII XB.

Black Lion Audio logo
Black Lion Audio Company Emblem

For all queries relating to Black Lion Audio pricing and availability, contact SCV Distribution.

  • Posted on 6 October 2017 by Anonymous