ISO-Pucks Land at Decoy Studios

Decoy Studios is a state-of-the-art recording complex located in the midst of England's luscious Suffolk countryside. Designed by White Mark (the mastermind studio architects behind AIR Studios), Decoy has been the recording facility of choice for many great artists since its completion including The MaccabeesTom OdellGeorge Ezra and more.

IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck Studio Monitor Isolators (sold in pairs)Owner and Chief Engineer at Decoy Studios is none other than English producer Cenzo Townshend. This month we visited Cenzo - joined by IsoAcoustics founder Dave Morrison - to arrange a critical listening session featuring IsoAcoustics’ latest innovation: the ISO-Puck.

The ISO-Puck offers a new approach to speaker isolation in the form of a small-footprint unit which can be scaled in multiples to cater not only for studio monitors of different sizes, but also studio outboard, consoles, guitar amps and even live sound equipment.

Cenzo has long been a fan of IsoAcoustics' L8R Series desktop stands, making him a prime candidate to help us ensure the ISO-Pucks were living up to expectations. Putting them through their listening paces with Decoy's Focal and PMC mains, we were not disappointed:

"For me the difference the pucks made on my console was most noticeable in the lower mids - tighter and more focused.

"Having said that, sitting the PMC TwoTwo 5s on the pucks somehow opens the highs and widens the imaging, thus enlarging the sound-stage."

Cenzo Townshend, Decoy Studios

ISO-Puck's unique design restricts the lateral movement that all speakers (and many signal processing units) exhibit during playback, actively improving imaging and hindering smear.


To arrange an ISO-Puck demo, contact SCV Distribution to be put in touch with your nearest dealer!

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  • Posted on 30 May 2017 by Roy Brockington