Black Orchid Empire Choose Audix Microphones

Last week SCV caught up with British alternative rock band Black Orchid Empire at The Recording Studio London for a hands-on live shoot-out between three fine Audix live microphone models – the favourite of which would make it to their permanent lead vocal line up on stage.

Black Orchid Empire formed in 2011 after the dispersal of a band playing under the name Cape Fear. The three remaining members (Dave Ferguson, Billy Freedom and Paul Visser) began jamming as a three-piece and went on to organically develop an entirely new band. After a series of highly acclaimed releases and scoring support spots for acts such as Biffy ClyroSkunk Anansie and Editors, the band honed its unique sound and amassed a fiercely loyal fan-base.

Throughout BOE’s journey up till now, Audix Microphones have played a fundamental part in both their live and recorded sound:

"We love Audix mics both on the road and in the studio - our D6 is glued to the kick drum and the vocal mics deliver the sound we need whilst killing the feedback. Great stuff.

“Currently we use a D6 for kick both live and in the studio as well as an ADX51 for either OHs or hi-hats depending on the setup. I also use an i5 on snare regularly.”

Paul Visser (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Black Orchid Empire

Prior to the shoot-out, BOE had narrowed its vocal microphone hit list down to the Audix OM6OM7 hypercardioid dynamic, and the pre-polarised supercardioid VX5 condenser. Each microphone was gain-matched to ensure a fair comparrison, and tracked through a Burl Audio B1D preamp followed by a Mothership AD converter. No EQ or compression was added to the recording.


So which microphone came out on top?

“The OM7 was the clear winner for us - slightly better in terms of definition and isolation as well as great headroom. The VX5 sounds great but a condenser would feed back for us live as a loud rock band - it'd be perfect for pop or jazz vocals. I've since been running the OM7 in rehearsals and it sounds great.”

​Black Orchid Empire are currently working on an upcoming album release as well as preparing for a jam-packed UK Summer Tour.

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