Focal Release Spirit Studio Monitoring Headphones

The Spirit Professional headphones are the direct result of Focal’s historical expertise in the design of high-performance transducers. In line with the French manufacturer’s monitoring loudspeakers, the Spirit Professional headphones ensure high-quality control of monitoring activities without exception, freeing professionals from the acoustic constraints related to the size of their workstation.

Design: comfort and simplicity

The circum-aural design of the Spirit Professional headphones was chosen to optimize the acoustic coupling to the ear. This monitoring tool for professional recording studios is also suitable for broadcasting or home studios, where the noise level is much higher. This is the reason why these closed-type headphones were the obvious solution. The frequency of use and the length of time they are used for are two of the most important aspects to take into account when designing professional headphones. The optimisation of the comfort of the headphones was essential for the French manufacturer. The choice to use memory foam for the ear-pieces and the headband ensures a perfect fit regardless of user’s morphology. What’s more, the dimensions of the ear-pieces have been increased compared to the Spirit One headphones in order to reduce the pressure level whilst guaranteeing remarkable insulation. Finally, the Black textured finish gives the headphones a simplistic look and as well as a shock- and scratch-resistant quality.

Acoustics: neutrality and transparency for total control

The close attention paid to the design of the Mylar/Titanium alloy drivers ensures sound reproduction which respects the original dynamics of the audio signal without distortion, preventing auditory fatigue. The neutrality of tonal balance combined with the remarkably high definition enable the reproduction of all audio signals, even at the lowest of listening volumes. Finally, work on the acoustical load of the transducers
has resulted in articulated bass worthy of open-style headphones, but with the advantages of insulation. The low-impedance OFC coiled cable (13ft / 4m) enhances the transparency of sound, an important concept for the brand. Focal also provides a straight cable (4.6ft / 1.4m) with a built-in track selector and microphone for receiving calls, the perfect accessory to ensure maximum mobility.

Thanks to the Spirit Professional headphones, Focal is able to offer a monitoring solution perfectly adapted for the modern-day requirements of recording studios, home studios and broadcast environments. This professional equipment offers high levels of comfort and remarkable precision. Finally, their capacity to detect the slightest of imperfections in a mix allows users to free themselves from the colouration of sound resulting from workstations which haven’t been specifically designed or which lack acoustic treatment.

  • Posted on 21 August 2013 by admin