Harvey 4x0 DA digital to analogue audio and lighting interface
Profile view of the Harvey 4x0 interface from Dspecialists
Harvey Pro DSP Interface

From digital signal processing pioneers DSpecialists comes the Harvey range of professional interfaces, a line of widely programmable digital control hubs for audio, media and lighting equipment.

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  • Control center for audio, light and media equipment
  • Flexible number of analog and digital audio channels
  • Excellent audio quality with minimal, constant latency
  • Simple configuration of distributed installations with Hypermatrix®

Harvey is an extremely versatile audio DSP workstation, configurable with up to 32 analogue inputs and outputs, optional Dante interfacing and even AES/EBU. Thanks to its compatibility with all modern media control systems, Harvey eliminates the requirement for additional racks of converters by handling all data conversion and interfacing in one box, making it the ideal centrepiece to a multitude of installed sound applications and venues.

Multiple variations of the Harvey are available to cater for various analogue and digital requirements. By utilising the four rear slots for pure analogue I/O up to 32 channels can be used simultaneously, while the optional Dante interface supports up to 64 x 64 IO channels. Adding an AES/EBU interface option yields one AES I/O channel, either via Phoenix or TASCAM interface ports depending on connectivity required.

Class-D amplification is also available for certain interface configurations offering a total power of 80W per DSP unit. When utilised in combination with the optional Dante interface card, this wattage may be spread across 12 separate amplifier outputs to adequately serve extensive installations.

Harvey's configurable DSP interface from DSpecialists
Intuitive Software Interface
Harvey's intuitive web interface for audio routing and processing

All Harvey models can be controlled by DSpecialists' versatile user interface, which allows for remarkably speedy implementation of audio routing, drag and drop signal processing and easy-to-follow right-angle system mapping.

Introducing Hypermatrix
Harvey's Hypermatrix function allows cross platform control of multiple devices

DSpecialists' patented Hypermatrix technology allows multiple cross-platform devices can be harnessed controlled from one global interface without the need for extra routing or additional programming.

Harvey Pro DSP ecosystem including RC4 and RC12 remotes

I/O Interfaces RS 485 DMX, RS 232, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Contacts, Voltage
Protocols Proprietary (binary, text based), User defined messages
Control Events Presets, Thresholds (Level, DMX), Input Contacts, Messages, Block states (e.g. Ducker), Flip-flops
Gain control Input Voltage mapping, DMX value mapping
Audio Processing Level control, EQ, dynamics, delay
Dimensions 380 x 580 x 170mm, 5kg