M65 boundary mic from Audix
M65 in upright setting
Audix M65 Boundary Microphone

Audix present an excellent alternative to standard gooseneck mics. The M65 is a tabletop format installed-sound microphone designed specifically for situations where sound quality as well as aesthetics and ease of installation are essential.

£750.00 inc VAT
EAN 687471291344

  • Optimized for speech
  • Unique ’swivoting' mount technology
  • Immune from RF interference
  • 8-foot cable included
  • Low noise circuit design
  • Threaded field replaceable foam windscreen
  • Cable includes both male and female terminal block connectors
  • Made in USA

M65 features Audix’s aptly named ‘swivoting’ technology whereby a unique socket swivel mount system enables fluid and quiet 240 degree rotation along with 40 degrees of pivot. This allows the microphone’s position to be uniform and maintains a more consistent gain structure when multiple mics are being used on the same surface. The mount also allows the microphone to be laid flat when not in use.

Under the hood, M65 features a fully integrated preamplifier board with high sensitivity, low noise, and highly impressive sound quality thanks to Audix’s Micros (TM) circuitry. Unlike some other goosenecks, the M65 is built with a balanced signal output which avoids RF interference caused by cell phones and other mobile devices, so speech can continue uninterrupted for extended periods.

M65 swivoting Audix tabletop boundary microphone

Frequency Response 60 Hz - 10 kHz
Impedance 150 ohms
Sensitivity 32 mV
Pattern Hypercardioid