Audix M55WD hanging AES67 enabled microphone
Audix M55WD shown with peak light
Audix M55WD Hanging AES67 Dante Microphone

The M55WD is an AES67 and Dante enabled hanging ceiling microphone from Audix featuring optimum sound quality, premium aesthetics and straightforward installation.

£689.00 inc VAT
EAN 687471151068

  • Optimized for voice recognition
  • Low-noise preamp circuitry
  • Immunity from RF interference
  • Two-color LED status indicator
  • RJ45 connectors
  • No external power adaptor required
  • Designed, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA

The M55WD’s mounting assembly allows for hanging configurations up to 1.2 metres from ceiling surfaces. Only a 1.6cm ceiling hole is required for installation and adjustments can be made to the hanging length thereafter without the need to remove ceiling tiles again and again.

Active Noise Rejection
M55WD from Audix with indicator lights engaged

Fully integrated electronics enables the M55WD to operate with high sensitivity whilst rejecting noise. Immunity to RF interference also ensures that cell phone and GSM mobile noise will not inflict on the microphone input.

Ethernet Connectivity
Audix's RJ45 connected ecosystem

With on-board RJ45 connectivity, the M55WD can link seamlessly with Audix’s proprietary AES67 Dante system interfaces such as the DN4 and DN43, allowing plug and play Audix performance over Ethernet.

Audix's Dante AES67 installation ecosystem

Frequency Response 60 Hz - 10 kHz
Output Impedance 150 ohms
Sensitivity 38 mV (C) / Pa @ 1k
Equivalent Noise Level 22 dB (A-weighted)
Signal to Noise Ratio 72 dB
Maximum SPL ≥130 dB
Dynamic Range 108 dB
Requirements 18 - 52V phantom
Pattern Cardioid