Reducer is a full range passive power attenuator designed for use with guitar and bass amplifiers. For amplifiers that sound their best with more juice, Reducer is the ideal tool to reduce volume without losing any tone.

Passive Power Reduction

SPL’s Reducer requires no external power supply. Instead all attenuation is handled passively via resistors that cleverly convert power from the amplifier into heat which is then dissipated.

Passive power reduction ensures beautifully accurate sound reproduction and steers clear of the original frequency to keep the amplifier’s tone entirely intact.

Drive Without Disturbance

The SPL Reducer is compatible with a vast array of guitar / bass amplifiers and particularly shines when paired with tube amps.

Simply situate the device in-line between any amplifier head and cabinet via the unbalanced jack input and output on the rear of the unit. To match the cabinet impedance simply use the Reducer’s ohmage setting to select 4, 8 or 16 Ohms.

Main Features

  • Passive volume attenuator
  • Reduce headroom without sacrificing tone
  • No PSU required
  • Compatible with all guitar and bass amplifiers
  • 4/8/16 Ohm combatible


Input Socket:
1/4" TS (Mono Jack), unbalanced
Output Socket:
1/4" TS (Mono Jack)


Input Impedance:
4, 8, or 16 Ohms switchable
Max Input Load:
90W RMS/120W Peak @ 4 Ohms; 200W RMS/260W Peak @ 8 Ohms

Physical Properties

85 x 190 x 179mm (HxDxW)

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