SPL know that a short cut to an epic mix is often a solid recording strip. The Frontliner serves as an all-in one channel strip with all the necessary trimmings to make your vocal or instrument truly shine.

Four Signal Processors In One

Frontliner is armed with a pristine preamp, DeEsser, compressor limiter and equaliser all in 2Us of nineteen inch rackspace. Besides combining to produce an awesome tone assembly line, each processor in the chain can also be accessed via individual analogue ins and outs to patch in external signals and add colouration to a mix.

Under The Hood

The Frontliner’s bullet-proof signal chain features a discrete semiconductor tube hybrid microphone preamplifier harnessing the spatial warmth of tubes combined with the low noise operation of semi conductors. Both stages operate at 250V giving a huge amount of headroom and flawless transients.

Burr-Brown op-amps have been chosen to regulate voltage from start to finish, and wiring adheres to SPL’s central-star grounding scheme to minimise any potential noise in the chain.

Not Just For Vocalists

Along with a balanced microphone input, Frontliner also caters for line inputs ideal for adding extra definition to stereo or even virtual instruments. The preamp stage can also be used to liven up quieter signals to prep them for further processing via the DeEsser or EQ during mixing.

Finally a high-impedance TS jack input on the front of the strip also makes Frontliner an awesome choice for tracking Hi-Z instruments such as guitar and bass.

Main Features

  • All-in-one recording strip solution for instruments and vocalists
  • Channel strip loaded with preamp, DeEsser, compressor and EQ
  • Tube and solid-state hybrid technology
  • Wide dynamic range performance with low-noise
  • Each stage of channel strip accessible modularly
  • Tube +15dB switchable for increased saturation
  • Housed within just 3U of 19” rackspace


Max Input:
+9dBu (mic input @ 13dB)
Max Output:
Gain Control Range:
+13dB to +68dB (mic input)
Frequency Range:
10Hz to 50kHz (channel strip)
Common Mode Rejection:
›80dB (preamp @ 1kHz)
0.03% (channel strip @ 1kHz)
-91.5dB (preamp @ 30dB, A-weighted)
Dynamic Range:
110dB (channel strip @ 30dB)
Equivalent Input Noise:
-127dBu @ 68dB


2x toroidal
Audio Transformer:
Other Currents:
230V AC, 50Hz: 315mA/115V AC, 60Hz: 630mA
115V/230V (selectable)

Physical Properties

482 x 88 x 261mm (WxHxD )
SSP (inc VAT) £ 1,849.00
Code SP-FL
EAN 4260149320209