The Snowsound Technology family of acoustic panels spans no fewer than 14 different categories and styles:
  • Baffle Blade: a system designed to hang sound-absorbing panels from the ceiling
  • Blade Corista: modular shelving built from sound-absorbing material
  • Corista Corner: sound-absorbing "gobo-style" standalone panels
  • Corner: 3-piece alcove style panel assemblies
  • Flap: striking wall-mounted, totem and v-orientation panelling
  • Flap In: ceiling tile panels
  • In Meeting: presentation-style wallmount solutions
  • Meeting Mitesco: hard edge, light weight double sided acoustic panels
  • Mitesco: larger panels with a range of applications
  • Pli: sound-absorbing partition walls
  • Oversize Pli: larger-sized partition walls
  • Snowfront: an ideal way to divide up work surfaces by creating a visual barrier
  • Tra: sound-absorbing panels suspended to a pair of stainless steel cables

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