Developed as a joint collaboration between Paul Wolff and Tobias Lindell, WL3 is a true analogue console strip scaled down to one convenient double-wide 500-series module.

Lunchbox whizz-kids

The WL3 is the result of a project between to of the 500-series format's most decorated veterans: Wolff and Lindell. Many will know Paul Wolff as the NAMM TEC hall of fame member who spent many years as an API designer during which time he founded the 500-series ecosystem. Meanwhile Tobias Lindell has been producing modules and racks for the same format at hugely affordable prices for almost a decade.

An all-in-one console channel

WL3 features a transformer coupled microphone input, line input, and coupled output. The output section can be independently controlled by handy a 60mm fader at the front of the WL3's 8mm machined aluminium front-panel.

The processing section features a 3-band equaliser with sweepable mids and a compressor powered with parallel mix settings for additional dynamic control. Meanwhile the mic section features all the trimmings one might expect from a fully featured microphone preamp including switchable polarity, 48v phantom for condenser mics and an 80Hz high pass filter to avoid any high-pitched disruption during recording.


Max Gain:



Physical Properties

500 series

Main Features

  • Fully featured 500-series analogue channel strip
  • VCA compressor with threshold, auto gain make-up
  • Gain mix knob for instant parallel compression
  • Thrust circuit functionality in compression section
  • 3-band EQ with High 10kHz cut/boost +/- 10db
  • Sweepable mid band 900 - 5kHz +/- 10db
  • Low 100Hz cut/boost +/- 10db
  • 60 mm front-panel fader
  • Switchable polarity/phantom power
  • Powered by Carnhill transformers
  • Made in Europe
SSP (inc VAT) £ 1,299.00
Code LN-WL3
EAN 19962192333