For the past 15 years, the converter technology that makes RADAR the best-sounding multi-track in the business had been exclusively available to RADAR users. With the introduction of the ADA series, RADAR’s superior converter technology is available for the first time in a stand-alone device.

ADA Converters - high-end, multi-channel A/D & D/A converters that bring the rich purity of analogue recording to the world of workstations. Featuring pristine iZ conversion, an innovative modular I/O structure, intuitive touchscreen controls, and direct interfacing to native DAWS and Pro Tools, ADA is a powerful tool designed to meet the creative and technical needs of true audio professionals.

Ada II Converters Give You Ultimate Control Right at Your Fingertips

Main Features

  • 8 / 16 / 24 channels of conversion
  • 8 / 16 / 24 in & out configurations
  • Customisable I/O ratios
  • Intuitive touch-screen controls
  • RADAR 6 tech delivers superior sound
  • Connects with DAWs & ProTools HD