Bourne from IsoAcoustics’ original modular Stage1 isolators, the Stage1 Board Combo is a portable solution designed for use with a variety of stage equipment including guitar amps, keyboard amps, stage monitors and subwoofers.

The Stage1 Board utilises IsoAcoustics’ patented technology which manages the internal speaker’s energy and reduces vibrations resonating through the underlying surface. The result is a vivid boost in sound clarity, combined with more definition in the soundstage and more punchiness to the lower end.

An added bonus for live musicians is that your sound can be made reliably consistent from room to studio and to stage. Any dissonant sounds originating from the listening area of in adjoining rooms can be eliminated providing awesome clarity in every performance.

Main Features

  • Can accommodate up to 45kg of weight
  • Great for guitar amps, bass amps, stage monitors and subwoofers
  • Provides superior isolation
  • Improves sound clarity
  • Reduces smear and maintains soundstage
  • Adds punchiness to bass frequencies
  • Maintains sound consistency between studios and venues
  • Powered by patented IsoAcoustics decoupling technology
  • Includes 2x 5x24cm grip-tape for stronger connection if needed

Physical Properties

63.5 x 25.4 x 4.7cm
Rugged ABS polymer


Max Weight:
SSP (inc VAT) £ 99.00
EAN 810514000836