DELOS is a unique isolation platform solution designed for turntables. Centred around a ‘butcher’s block’ design, DELOS features a real-wood Maple of Walnut plinth supported by isolating ‘iPuck’ foot attachments.

All turntable models are designed with precision to pick up even the tiniest variations from groves and vibrations via their stylus heads. However, resonances from underlying surfaces can often find their way into the musical reproduction harming the clarity of the soundstage.

DELOS effectively takes the turntable’s underlying surface out of the equation, enabling cleaner playback, and musical details to flourish.

The DELOS range is comprised of four different models to catering for various weight capacities. Both maple and walnut variants are available to match the existing Hi-Fi system’s aesthetic.

Main Features

  • 1815M1 (455 x 380 x 45mm)
    • 4 isolators
    • 29.5kg capacity
  • 1815M2 (455 x 380 x 76mm)
    • 4 isolators
    • 24.9kg capacity
  • 2216M1 (560 x 380 x 45mm)
    • 6 isolators
    • 45.4kg capacity
  • 2216M2 (560 x 380 x 76mm)
    • 6 isolators
    • 40.8kg capacity

Physical Properties

Solid Wood Maple


Max Weight:
24.9 / 29.5 / 40.8 / 45.5kg (1815M2 / 1815M1 / 2216M2 / 2216M1)

Authorised Retail Partners

SSP (inc VAT) £ 399.00
Code IS-DELOS/1815M1
EAN 810514000669