Fostex’s limited run TH900MK2/SB offers a fresh perspective on one of their most reputed closed back headphones. The release commemorates the 6th Anniversary of Fostex’s original TH900 back in 2012.

Built with custom-made Sapphire Blue ‘Urushi’ lacquered cups in place of Fostex’s regular Bordeaux finish, the TH900MK2/SB also features special audio tuning for a smooth and straight low-end. The headphones ship accompanied with a leatherette carry bag, limited edition photo book, and custom-made wooden headphone stand.

The TH900MK2/SBs are equipped with proprietary ‘Biodyna’ diaphragms for high resolution and protein-leather earpads made composed of eggshell membrane for a truly comfortable listening experience. Fostex’s unique neodymium magnetic circuit adopts the magnetic repulsion system at 1.5 tesla magnetic flux density to achieve the widest possible dynamic range. The detachable unbalanced cable is made from 7N grade (99.99999%) OFC terminated with a heavy-duty ‘Duralumin’ plug casing for high durability.

The included custom-made limited-edition headphone stand is made from entirely solid wood, sporting an oak hanger and beech base and situated at the perfect height to cater for Fostex’s TH900MK2/SB.

Main Features

  • Custom-made Sapphire Blue colored ‘Uruish' lacquer
  • Anniversary audio tuning featuring smooth and straight lows
  • Proprietary "Biodyna" diaphragm for high-res sound reproduction
  • Custom made wooden headphone stand
  • Neodymium magnetic circuit adopting magnetic repulsion system
  • 1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss) magnetic flux density
  • Includes full-color anniversary photo book
  • Detachable 7N grade (99.99999%) OFC unbalanced cable


Closed, Dynamic


25 ohm
Maximum Input Level:
Frequency Response:

Physical Properties

Approx. 390g (excluding cable)

Authorised Retail Partners

SSP (inc VAT) £ 1,399.00
EAN 4995090308173