The  Mobile I/O +DSP licence unlocks many more plug-ins and taking full advantage of the massive 2D processing power.

Main Features


2d Card

2d Card +DSP

Character (22 types)
Mutlibus Mixer
Surround Support
Monitor Controller
M/S Decoder
Short Delay
MIO EQ 6  
MIO EQ 12  
MIO State Variable Filter  
MIO Comp  
MIO Limit  
Delays Family(15 plugins)  
MIO Simple Pitch Shifter  
Allpass filters (2 plugins)  
MIO Soft Clip Family (3 plugins)  
MIO Nonlinear Map Family (4 plugins)  
MIO Volume Control Family (16 plugins)  
MIO A/B Switch Family (16 plugins)  
MIO M/S Processor  
Static Matrix Family (5 plugins)  
Channel op Family (5 plugins)  
Oscillator Family (6 plugins)  
MIO Mod Delay  
Insertable Graphs (infinite possibilites)  
2d Amps 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Bass Head  
Bass Head Shape 1  
Bass Head Shape 2  
British Mil Spec  
British Mil Spec Bright Cab  
British Mil Spec Grind  
British Mil Spec Light Grind  
British Mil Spec Rhythm  
British Mil Spec+Vibrato+Trem  
MH Clean  
MH Clean Tweed  
MH Hi-Gain  
Small Dark  
Small Dark No Cab  
Small Tweed Crunch  
Small Tweed Touch O' Dirt  
2d Effects 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Autoflanger 2  
Autoflanger 3  
Cool Mono Echo  
LoFi Mod Echo  
Mono Rotary  
Slap Delay  
Stereo Rotary Speaker  
2d Reverbs 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Diffuse Prime  
Diffuse Room  
Early Diffuse Room (no tail)  
Hall 1  
Med Diffuse Room  
Small Diffuse Room  
2d Mastering 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Parallel Compressor  
Parallel Limiter  
Mid-Side Compressor  
Mid-Side EQ  
Mid-Side Limit  
Stereo Parallel Limiter  
2d Pedals 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Nezumi Less Gain  
Cabinets 2d Card 2d Card +DSP
Closed 2x12  
Closed 2x12 with Air  
4x12 Cab  

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