This special adapter cable connects tranformerless balanced analog outputs to unbalanced analog inputs.

Use this cable to connect the tranformerless balanced analog output from any Benchmark product (such as a DAC1 or DAC2) to an unbalanced analog input on a power amplifier or Hi-Fi "preamplifier".  This cable will work will all Benchmark balanced analog outputs.   Please note that this cable will not work with the transformer-coupled analog outputs found on some non-Benchmark products because pin 3 of this cable is floating.  Do not use this cable with digital signals.

Benchmark Adapter Cables

Benchmark Adapter Cables combine the best cable, connectors, and construction techniques in order to offer high performance and excellent durability. Canare StarQuad L-4E6S Microphone and Audio Line Cable is flexible, satin smooth to the touch, and extra strong. The cable offers excellent immunity to hum-inducing magnetic fields (due to 4-conductor StarQuad construction), excellent shielding from RF interference (due to high-density braided shield), very low handling noise (due to internal construction), excellent flexibility (due to 40-strand conductors and special super-flexible insulation), and extended frequency response (due to low capacitance). Benchmark Adapter Cables are handcrafted with true silver solder, using gold-contact Neutrik XX series connectors. The XX series are the most reliable XLR connectors available - providing excellent contact quality, strain relief, pullout resistance, and durability. Neutrik XXR color coding rings can easily be added to assembled cables if desired - order rings separately.  A Benchmark-branded sleeve is your assurance that you have purchased a genuine Benchmark Adapter Cable.


Conductor DC Resistance:
< 29.9 ohms
Shield DC Resistance:
< 9.1 ohms
Nominal Impedance:
44 ohms

Main Features

  • 21 AWG effective AWG of combined twin conductors
  • 24 AWG, 40 strand (x4) Copper conductors
  • Special cross-linked PE insulation
  • Flexible in extreme cold weather
  • High-density (>95% ) TAC Braided Copper Shield
  • 46 pF / ft capacitance between twin blue and white conductors
  • 57 pF / ft capacitance between conductors and shield
  • Hand assembled in the USA with true silver solder
  • One end is XLR-Female, the other end is RC-Male
SSP (inc VAT) £ 30.00
Code BM-500-06903-200
EAN BEN500-06903-200