The 110 Ohm AES digital XLR cable from Benchmark’s trademarked Studio and Stage range is designed to offer seamless performance for all field, stage and studio recording applications.

Built from handcrafted Canare DA206 110ohm cables combined with Neutrik double-X series XLR connectors with gold pins and black shells, Benchmark’s AES cable truly embodies the highest quality wiring, connectors and construction techniques to ensure robust performance and reliability whatever the environment.

Enter The Digital Domain

With a 110ohm operating impedance, these AES cables are best suited for digital usage but can also be used for analogue connections where magnetic fields do not cause an issue.

Each Benchmark AES XLR cable is designed, assembled and QC’d in Benchmark’s audio laboratories in the USA.


Neutrik XX black XLR (female), gold pins
Neutrik XX black XLR (male), gold pins

Physical Properties

> 95% copper high-density braid


Nominal Capacitance:
14.6 pF / ft
Shield DC Resistance:
< 4.3 Ohms / 1000 ft
Conductor DC Resistance:
< 10.1 Ohms/ 1000 ft
Nominal Impedance:

Main Features

  • Canare DA206 AES, EBU digital audio cabling
  • Large OD for high performance / low loss
  • Neutrik XX series Black and Gold XLR connectors
  • Maximum recommended AES/EBU length: 1,180 ft. (360 meters)
  • Special PE filler rods for constant 110 ohm impedance
  • 20 AWG twisted-pair copper conductors
  • Hand assembled in USA with true silver solder
SSP (inc VAT) £ 50.00
Code BM-500-06913-206
EAN BEN500-06913-206