Benchmark Studio&Stage™ Speaker Cables combine the best cable, connectors, and construction techniques in order to offer performance that meets the demands of world-class studios, while providing the strength and reliability required for stage applications.

This top-quality Benchmark cable features Canare Star-Quad Speaker Cable. Four heavy-duty 14 AWG stranded conductors are combined into two pairs arranged in a star-quad configuration. The combined conductors are equivalent to 11 AWG, but the star-quad configuration reduces magnetic interference, making these cables superior to 2-conductor cables.

Use this cable for connecting an AHB2 power amplifier to an SMS1 speaker (or any other speaker that uses a SpeakON twist-lock connector). Use this cable for stereo or bridged-mono applications only.  Use 4-pole cables for Bi-Amp applications.

Main Features

  • 11 AWG (effective wire gauge - pair of 14 AWG conductors)
  • 2-pole cable wired in a 4-wire Star-Quad Configuration
  • Polyethylene Dielectric for low capacitance and improved frequency response
  • DC Resistance < 2.6 Ohms/1000 ft.
  • Capacitance: 45 pF/ft.
  • Diameter: 0.421 in.
  • Super flexible heavy-duty jacket
  • Heavy-Duty 40 Amp Locking 2-pole Neutrik NL2FX SpeakON Connectors
  • Hand assembled in Syracuse, NY USA
SSP (inc VAT) £ 69.00
Code BM-CABNL2NL2/15
EAN 50006215222