Hanging ceiling microphone with height adjustment .

The M55 is an innovative, hanging ceiling microphone system designed for applications where aesthetics, sound quality, and ease of installation are critical. The M55 is ideally suited for board, class, and conference rooms, and can also been used for ambient room miking and surveillance. The M55 accommodates interchangeable capsules with omni, cardioid, hypercardioid, and supercardioid (shotgun) coverage patterns, and is optimized for speech. All electronics are fully integrated, high sensitivity, low noise, and the signal output is balanced, so cell phones and GSM devices do not cause RF interference.

Installing the M55 requires drilling just one 5/8-inch hole in the ceiling, with no additional tools needed. The M55's mounting hardware easily adjusts the hanging height up to four feet from the ceiling surface without removing ceiling tiles. An optional aiming clip easily makes any additional angular adjustments. The cable assembly, with its Phoenix connector, is neatly housed in an airtight, plenum-rated junction box. A wire safety cable provides additional seismic restraint.

Main Features

  • High output allows distance miking
  • Optimized for voice recognition
  • No RF interference
  • Fingertip height adjustment and rotation control
  • Operates on 18 - 52 V phantom power
  • Miniature, integrated preamp circuitry
  • No external power adapter needed
  • Extremely low noise, high sensitivity
  • Junction box included




Polar Pattern/s:
Frequency Response:
37 mV/Pa @ 1k
150 ohms
Maximum SPL:
>130 dB


Output Connector:


Included Accessories:
JBM55: Metal plenum-rated safety junction box with 5-ft seismic safety cable
Included Accessories:
CONN170M: Mating Phoenix connector for solder-less connection
Included Accessories:
JBM55: Metal plenum-rated safety junction box with 5-ft seismic safety cable


Power Requirement:
18-52 V Phantom Power

Physical Properties

Mic: 63 mm
Mic and cable: 45 g/Junction box and safety cable: 499 g
Brass/white finish
SSP (inc VAT) £ 462.00
Code AX-M55W
EAN 687471292273