Atlas’s Zeno headphone cables are revered as a significant upgrade for many audiophile headphones, allowing them perform at their very best with more presence and enhanced detail across the frequency range.

The Zeno Harmonic variant takes this to yet another level, incorporating a fully balanced design of OOC copper conductors and Atlas’s new Grun Earthing system, built to complement some of the world’s most acclaimed headphone models.

Introducing Grun

Atlas’s proprietary Grun Technology achieves a drop in EMI-induced background noise, achieved by serving up a reference earth point as soon as the attached headphones are connected to an amplifier or mains ground.

The resulting effect is a significantly improved clarity in dynamic range with background noise levels across the spectrum.

Combined with Atlas’s low-mass wide bandwidth OOC wire and cold-weld solder free construction, the Zeno Harmonic cable works as a pristine and reliable partner to any high-end headphone model one may wish to pair it with.

Main Features

  • Available in 1:2 configuration
  • Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) 4 Pin XLR Connection
  • OCC Copper Conductors 
  • FEP Dielectric 
  • Dual Symmetrical (balanced) construction

Physical Properties

Dual Symmetrical braid / Mylar dual drain
OCC Copper
Outside Diameter:
SSP (inc VAT) £ 775.00