In July 2021's issue of HiFi News, reviewer Andrew Everard and lab partner Paul Miller take an in-depth look at SPL's Phonitor xe DAC and headphone amplifier, an article ending in a rather prestigious pin for the Sound Performance Lab trophy case.

To celebrate the now well-overdue return of the sun to our shores, Sonarworks are launching a flash Summer sale giving audio engineers and producers the opportunity to score a major discount on their most popular software packages! In March of 2021 Sonarworks released a major upgrade for their Sonarworks Reference 4 audio calibration software line to the newly named SoundID Reference.

This month SCV are delighted to announce that the hotly anticipated A127 Reference Microphone from Audix has arrived in the UK. For readers unfamiliar with the A127 or what makes it special, what better time for a recap on the specs and features that set it apart from other omni condensers in its class.

In one of his most recent reviews, Ed does a deep dive on the new and highly anticipated Audix A133 condenser to give home studio owners a full rundown of its benefits as well as putting the microphone to the test in real-life recording settings.

After many hugely successful years, two members of Focal's high performing and highly affordable Alpha studio monitor range have received a well-deserved upgrade. The Focal Alpha Evo range draws on more than 40 years of expertise and innovation in professional acoustics to deliver two new monitors – Alpha 50 Evo & Alpha 65 Evo – that are as sophisticated in sound as they are in looks...

Today Latvian digital audio calibration wizards Sonarworks proudly reveal SoundID Reference, the sequel to their hugely successful Reference 4 software package. The fifth incarnation, named SoundID Reference, builds on Sonarworks Reference 4's intelligent audio calibration technology to offer new features further aiding the pursuit of a truly cross-monitor and cross-device friendly studio mix.

Continuing their tenure as a global leader in acoustics, this month Focal are proud to present a new portable mixing tool designed for audio engineers and music producers. The French manufacturer's innovations in high-end headphones began in 2016 with the launch of  their open-back Utopia model. Since then a wide range of revered sibling models have been released to cater for different applications from portable HiFi listening to audio mastering.

This week renowned outboard and modification specialists Black Lion Audio introduced their very first audio interface. Designed with exacting and tirelessly tested components, Black Lion's newest product draws on decades of manufacturing and modding experience at every single level. Black Lion's mission was to create an interface that would stand out from the wide range of "cheap and portable" and to revolutionise bus-powered studio grade interfaces...

Live and studio engineers are often faced with queries from artists and gigging musicians regarding the functionality of monitoring tools, especially when it comes to in-ear equipment. Providing rigorous data on the performance of these tools can often come down to guess-work, particularly with less than ideal environments such as stage settings for testing.

SCV were bowled over to be notified of no fewer than five products from SCV-distributed brands featured in the nominations for the 36th annual event, including entries from Latvian software geniuses Sonarworks, MixCube and mic manufacturer Avantone Pro, Chicago mod-shop Black Lion Audio, and decoupling isolation experts IsoAcoustics.