Going Modular: Fostex Present True Wireless TM2 IEM

True wireless headphones have taken the portable listening world by storm. In the US alone, more than half the population now head out and purchase a Bluetooth device every single year.

But whilst a high number of headphone manufacturers have adopted wireless technology within their product lines, coverage is not absolute, and many users will already own a treasured set of IEMs to which they’ve become lovingly accustomed.

Modular To The Rescue

With the TM2, Japanese manufacturer Fostex are joining the true wireless race with an IPX5 water resistant in-ear headphone boasting a 6mm dynamic driver and a broad 10Hz - 40kHz frequency range. The unique wireless ear hook designs are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and support is included for SBC, AAC and aptX wireless transfer codecs.

Fostex's TM2 set including charging case

But that’s where things get interesting. Fostex’s wireless hooks are connected to the TM2’s stock drivers by MMCX or ‘micro-miniature coaxial’ connectors. This enables the drivers to be removed and swapped out for any specific drivers the user may prefer, achieving a genuinely modular wireless listening configuration.

Meze's RAI Penta in-ear headphones feature MMCX micro-minature coaxial standard connectors

Meze's RAI Penta in-ear headphones feature MMCX micro-minature coaxial standard connectors

To widen the scope even further, Fostex also offer 2-pin adaptors for CIEM and FitEar standard connectors which are available as optional accessories.

Fostex’s TM2 app for iOS and Android enables touch panel equalisation, external environment blend control, and even one-touch support access to the device's voice assistant. Onboard control is also available via a built-in physical switch for music play/stop, volume and call control, whilst calls can be made independently from either left or right earpiece.

The TM2's True wireless Stereo Plus mode allows independent L & R connection

Thanks to Fostex’s chosen QCC3026 SoC Bluetooth chip the TM2 boasts an impressive battery life period of up to 12 hours. Bluetooth 5.0 is utilised via per-side connectivity to the host device, which ensures rock solid operation while minimising dropouts.

Now Shipping In The UK

To find out more, check out our product page. The TM2 is now available to order from authorised retailers across the UK - for your nearest dealer, contact the SCV Consumer Audio sales team.

  • Posted on 5 August 2019 by Roy Brockington