Bricasti Launches Model 3 Digital to Analogue Converter

Bricasti are no strangers to the high-end audio market. With a renowned reputation for state-of-the art build quality and performance in sound to match, the Massachusetts-based manufacturer has refined a stunning portfolio of products over the last two decades.

Bricasti M3 DAC converter front panel profile

This year with the introduction of the M3, Bricasti introduce a brand new digital to analogue converter pitched at a more affordable price bracket – everything is high-end, except the price.

Bricasti M3 control pannelM3 features a balanced analogue level control circuit and two fully differential conversion channels. Separate conversion is available for PCM and native DSD, tailoring the product for a wide range of applications.

To ensure super low noise specifications, the M3 also features two independent linear power supplies, each housed in a robust milled and sectioned aluminium chassis. This tactic not only offers superior isolation but also balances thermal characteristics internally whilst the unit is in operation.

On the digital side, Bricasti have featured a technologically superior digital audio path offering precision DDS clocking, low jitter, native DSD conversion and pristine digital filtering. Meanwhile on the analogue side a high speed, low distortion analog path features by-passable preamp-class analog level control. This allows the M3 to be used to drive power amps directly, with no sacrifice in analog performance.

Bricasti M3 rear connection panel

M3 ships with built-in USB, AES, Toslink and SPDIF connectivity, but an optional networking streaming interfaces can also be added to convert the M3 to a fully DNLA UPnP-compatible network player.

Bricasti M3 will be shipping in Q1 2019. For further info, check out our product page or contact the SCV Sales Team.

  • Posted on 8 March 2019 by Roy Brockington