Power Up With The Avantone Pro CLA10A

Avantone Pro's CLA10A Active Studio MonitorsAfter the release of Avantone Pro and Chris Lord-Alge's NS10 replica, in June of 2018 and the subsequent release of their CLA200 power amp, the CLA10 soared to become the world’s number one bestselling passive studio monitor.

Since then, via a natural route of design evolution, the New York company have been busy behind tightly drawn curtains planning their follow up release, and at Winter NAMM 2019 the public were given their first look at a brand new addition to the CLA range: the CLA10A.

Inheriting the same identical AV10MHF and AV10MLF drivers from the CLA10 passive cabinet, the CLA10A aims to recreate the same classic ‘white cones and black box’ sound of the CLA10 and vintage NS10s of before. However this time for each channel, a beefy Class A/B power amp is included offers 200W of power via a linear power supply. Whilst many modern monitor speaker designs implement Class D amps and switch mode power supplies, Avantone strive for the accuracy of tradition, and their A/B linear combination produces the truly classic and powerful sound that their white cone audience have grown to love.The Avantone CLA10A's Tordial Transformer

An innovative new mixing feature has also been added for extra emulation versatility. The VTPC (or Variable Tissue Paper Control) function is a tweeter manipulator which accurately tunes the monitor's high frequencies to match the original NS10M, NS10 Studio, and everything in between.

CLA10A will begin shipping in Q2 2019. For spec, pricing and availability queries contact the SCV Pro Sales Team.

  • Posted on 8 February 2019 by Roy Brockington