David Arnold Chooses Focal Studio Monitors

Anyone who has seen Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla or any of five different James Bond films has enjoyed the spoils of David Arnold’s musical talents. His enormous body of film scoring work from 1993 to date spans both cinema and television (Sherlock, Little Britain and more). In recent years, he has also been involved in staged orchestral concerts showcasing a number of scores from his on-screen triumphs to live audiences.

Arnold’s current studio residence is based within London’s Air Studios and his recording equipment portfolio reveals a carefully chosen patchwork of outboard, digital hardware and synths both from recent years and vintage eras.

The composer’s most recent equipment upgrade (facilitated by the fine folks at Kazbar Systems) concerned his studio monitoring speakers. After a week of pointed listening tests, Arnold opted to make Focal’s Trio 6 BE speakers a permanent fixture of his setup:


David Arnold's Current Studio Setup featuring Focal Trio 6 Be mid-field studio monitors

I decided to install Focal Trio in my writing room after I had them on demo for a week and found I could hear everything clearer, truer and fuller than I had before, at any volume.

- David Arnold, Composer

To yield the best results, IsoAcoustics' ISO-Pucks reside underneath the speakers to increase clarity and reduce any upward vibrations from the floor-stands below.

IsoAcoustics' ISO-Puck studio monitor isolators, as used in David Arnold's recording studio

For more information on Focal Trio 6 Be studio monitoring speakers and ISO Pucks or to arrange a demo, contact our sales department for full specs, pricing and availability.

  • Posted on 9 March 2018 by Roy