Introducing Even H2

After the game-changing introduction of the H1 and E1 EarPrint headphones earlier in the year, the team at Even - fit to burst with innovation and [seemingly limitless] energy - have released their third model and the first of the Even family to feature wireless listening capabilities: presenting H2!

Even's H2 Wireless EarPrint Headphone
Even's H2 Wireless EarPrint Headphone

For those of you unfamiliar with the technology, EarPrint is comprised of a proprietary algorithm designed to analyse your hearing, gauge which frequencies your ears respond to best and then tailor the output of your Even headphones accordingly.

Even EarPrint Testing Diagram
Even EarPrint Testing Diagram

Each hearing profile is assembled through a short hearing test hosted by 'Sarah' who guides the listener through 8 pieces of music for both left and right ears, demonstrating frequencies from 125Hz all the way up to 14kHz.

Click here to try the EarPrint test for yourself!

"... the difference is remarkable. The H2 sound pretty great with EarPrint disabled, but they sound really great after turning it on."

Nick Hastings, Digital Trends


With the introduction of H2, Even are bringing EarPrint to a whole new wireless audience. Harnessing Bluetooth connectivity, the headphones are able to hold charge for up to 20 hours of continuous listening and can be recharged in just 1 hour via a simple USB cable (included with every set). But the music doesn't have to stop there - Every H2 can also be connected by a 3.5mm jack cable (also included) to continue listening in an untailored 'passive mode' from any playback device.

H2 3.5mm jack input and headphone controls
Even H2 3.5mm jack input and headphone controls

Each necessary playback control including play/stop and volume up/down button can be found on the right-hand cup of the headphones negating the need for extra dongles or cabling. The headphones themselves feature 40mm Beryllium drivers, genuine walnut wood-grain, brushed chrome accents and sweat-resistant faux leather ear-pads. In contrast to the previous H1 model, the pads are geared towards on-ear use rather than over-ear.

Even's H2 app - now available for iOS
Even's H2 app - now available for iOS

Alongside the H2, Even have also introduced a dedicated app for iOS users allowing them to monitor battery life and examine, store and manage different [unlimited] EarPrint profiles.

"Songs are more intimate, clear and very balanced, with a touch of bass exactly where I want it. I can enjoy listening to anything from Lana Del Rey to Playboy Carti, without using high volume levels to compensate for lack of bass or treble."

Stefan Etienne, Tech Crunch

Even's H2 wireless headphones featuring EarPrint will be landing in the UK mid-August 2017. For all sales, availability and product enquiries contact SCV Distribution.

  • Posted on 3 August 2017 by Roy Brockington