Anyone who has seen Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla or any of five different James Bond films has enjoyed the spoils of David Arnold’s musical talents. His enormous body of film scoring work from 1993 to date spans both cinema and television (Sherlock, Little Britain and more). In recent years, he has also been involved in staged orchestral concerts showcasing a number of scores from his on-screen triumphs to live audiences.

This year, still on the noble mission to rid all audio equipment of acoustic anomalies, IsoAcoustics have turned their attention to Hi-Fi separates (or components, as they’re known across the pond). Their latest product aims to remove parasitic vibrations from amplifiers, mono-blocks, DACs, CD players, turntables and more, enabling a new standard of openness and sound clarity.

Fostex’s Regular Phase (RP) technology has been a corner stone of their headphone empire since the 1970s and countless pairs are still being enjoyed use across homes and recording studios alike. The specially designed polyimide-film diaphragms are capable of awesome accuracy and an all-round ‘crisp’ audio reproduction, whilst the neodymium magnet boasts transient characteristics tolerating up to 3000mW of input.

Over the last few months some of the keen-eyed among you may have noticed certain changes occurring on the SCV Distribution site. Behind the scenes, our digital team has been hard at work developing a better experience for fans of our distributed lines, UK/EU dealers and product end-users alike.

It’s that time of year again – Hi-Fi and consumer audio fans across the UK (and beyond) begin almost levitate westward a westerly direction, assembling at the revered Sound & Vision Bristol Show – in association with Audio-T.

In this 'Part Two' article we take another dive into the latest product annoucements at this year's Winter NAMM in Anaheim California from the likes of Focal and Black Lion Audio. Focal Professional launched one of the largest arrays of new products in one hit that we’ve seen in recent years, announcing brand new additions to their professional headphone range, plus a new extension to their hugely popular Shape Studio Monitor family.

An enormous chunk of our beloved industry left the UK’s drizzly shores last week to attend the hugely popular Winter NAMM show in Anaheim California. Amongst the multitude of product launches and music industry awards were some particularly exciting announcements from SCV’s UK-distributed lines...

For a full decade Avantone's MixCubes have been known for two stand-out qualities: having equal height, depth and width measurements and - more importantly - offering a unique insight into studio mixes which optimises music for playback on consumer audio devices (think iPhones, radios and in-ear headphones).

Black Lion Audio’s dual channel Auteur Microphone Preamp has been a rising star in studio recording over the past ten years. The preamp’s ability to add a pleasing warmth and thickness to vocals, guitars and keys resonated with fans of the analogue sound, and it’s easy-on-the-eyes price point allowed access to an enormously broad audience of users from project studios and production hobbyists all the way up to commercial studios and industry professionals.

New features include improved sound quality, improved ease of use, a more compact design for ease of transportation, ultra responsive touch-link buttons, a flat-top surface for easier labelling and optional ADAT Card slot for integration with Head Back PRO systems.