Meze Audio RAI Penta Multi-Driver Hybrid IEM Earphones

Meze's RAI Penta in-ear monitor
RAI Penta earphone featuring multi-driver configuration
Meze RAI Penta Multi-Driver Hybrid IEM Earphones

RAI Penta from Romanian audio manufacturer Meze Audio is a high-end in-ear headphone capable of providing unrivalled detail, organic tonality and seamless-fit comfort.

£999.00 inc VAT
EAN 615517934856

  • 5x internal drivers per earphone
  • 'Penta Hybrid’ array technology
  • Tuned PES design in front and behind drivers
  • Rhodium plated termination and MMCX plugs
  • Works on any source device (high res source recommended)

Each RAI Penta earphone features five individual drivers, all of which operate together in sympathetic tandem thanks to Meze’s ‘Penta Hybrid’ technology - where harmonised sound delivery is made possible without overlaying phase issues.

Meze have also implemented an intelligent airflow control system to regulate chamber pressure both in front and behind the driver assembly.

Easily Switchable Cables

The RAI Penta’s included cable features rhodium plated termination and MMCX plugs. The cable is comprised of four wires each made up of 20 litz strands - totalling 80 strands all together. As with the rest of RAI Penta’s design, these thoughtfully selected details and specs all assist to optimum connectivity, durability and overall high performance sound delivery.

Shaking Off The Wires

Thanks to the RAI Penta’s built-in universal micro-miniature coaxial (MMCX) connection, the headphone drivers can be easily affixed to third party wireless transmitters. One such article is the TM2C ear hooks from Fostex which offer Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for up to 12 hours on a single charge and at an impressive 10ft distance.

The RAI Penta IEM, perfect for portable audio configurations

Driver PENTA Hybrid Driver (5 drivers total)
Frequency Range 4Hz – 45kHz
Impedance 20Ω
Sensitivity 110dB SPL/1mW
Max Input Power 30mW
Distortion <1%
Cable MMCX connector ending in 3.5mm, Rhodium plated