How To Improve Monitoring Isolation With ISO-Pucks!

The ISO-Puck is the newest product from IsoAcoustics – a modular (and fully scalable) take on their acclaimed L8R family of stands!

IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck pair

Configuration Options

To cater for a greater number of different isolating configurations, ISO-Pucks are sold in pairs:

Iso Acoustics ISO-Puck stands ship in sets of two

Depending on the size of your studio monitors or live PA speakers users can purchase 3, 4, 5 or 6 pairs to achieve the following orientation examples:

Monitor speaker isolation configurations possible with ISO-Puck stands

For smaller single unit configurations such as guitar amps and subwoofers, 2 pairs alone will also do the job.

Weight limits

Each ISO-Puck is rated to handle up-to 9kg (20lbs). For example: a 4-Puck configuration for a single unit will hold up to 36kg per speaker.

Logo Orientation

The ISO-Pucks are designed to be used with the logo facing forward, as the isolators have been tuned to resist lateral movements. The result is a greatly improved clarity and focus in any listening situation!

Example of how to orientate your IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck


To confirm your nearest IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck stockist or to arrange a live demonstration of their capabilities contact SCV Distribution.

  • Posted on 5 May 2017 by Roy Brockington