Digital Audio Labs (DAL) introduced their first audio interface in the late 80’s when digital audio was in its infancy. The CardD, CardDeluxe, and V8 systems are well known for their incredible sound and build quality. Many of these systems are still in use, more than 20 years later, having become industry standards in the broadcast and data acquisition industries.

DAL has parleyed their audio and design expertise into other markets, developing OEM amplifier, digital signal processing, and integration solutions for a number of partners.

With the PowerShape™ and Livemix™ product lines, DAL re-establishes its presence in the consumer and install markets. These innovative products combine DAL’s devotion to stellar audio and service with a commitment to offer attractively priced products that don’t skimp on quality or features.

Currently SCV Distribution represents the Livemix personal monitor system, developed for both volunteer and professional users. Designed with innovative personal mix features and an intuitive interface, Livemix is the perfect blend of simple to use and professional features.