Carl Bown Chooses SPL's Phonitor se Headphone Amp

Carl Bown has enjoyed more than 10 years of decorated notoriety in the music industry. An expansive portfolio of mix and production work combined with a star-studded collection of associated acts has made him a hugely sought after producer both in Rock and Metal genres.

  • Posted on 7 July 2022 by Roy Brockington

Win a Triangle Turntable & LN01A Set with AVForums

This June/July SCV are teaming up with AVForums to offer an incredible Triangle giveaway! For any non-members, AVForums is a UK-based AV and home consumer electronics community that has been in full swing since the turn of the millennium. From the site’s humble home cinema beginnings, AVForums’ scope now covers all audio-visual home consumer technology plus home entertainment, video gaming and lots more.

  • Posted on 23 June 2022 by Roy Brockington

SCV Exhibiting at GearFest UK 2022

This summer the music industry is truly amped to welcome a brand new studio and music equipment show to the UK. Hosted by Tileyard in partnership with SoundOnSound Magazine, the aptly named GearFest UK will make its debut on 2nd July 2022 at Tileyard studios in London.

  • Posted on 17 June 2022 by Roy Brockington

Focal Release ST6 Range and Sub 12

Focal proudly unveiled their brand new ST6 monitor range featuring updated versions of their much loved Solo and Twin models, along with a brand new subwoofer: Sub 12. After no less than 15 years of service, Focal’s iconic Solo6 and Twin6 are being redesigned and rebuilt to deliver even more versatility and improved performance.

  • Posted on 26 May 2022 by Roy Brockington

Starboard Music Group Chooses Focal For Atmos

Of all the professional audio techniques and phenomena coming to prominence in recent years, Atmos from Dolby has been undoubtedly one of the most explosively popular. Earlier in 2022 SCV were lucky enough to catch up with an audio production specialist at the forefront of the Atmos movement – Starboard Music Group's Richard Whittaker.

  • Posted on 18 May 2022 by Roy Brockington

Presenting The BiG Module From SPL

Veteran studio signal processing giants SPL move to expand their 500-series offering with the release of a new double-wide stereo image enlarger module. BiG takes on the daunting task of redefining the breadth or ‘bigness’ of stereo mixes with ease. New and creative methods of sound shaping are employed to enlarge a stereo image’s scope complete with user changeable controls including Range, Stage and Bigness.

  • Posted on 4 May 2022 by Roy Brockington

Twin Topology: United Announce UT TWIN87

Following the success of their UT FET47 condenser, Baton Rouge firm United Studio Technologies are back with an 87-style mission to deliver the definitive vocal microphone. United’s latest model draws on research from classic 87 condenser microphones spanning around 50 years.

  • Posted on 27 April 2022 by Roy Brockington

SPL Releases MTC Mk2 Monitor Controller

SPL present a next generation speaker and talkback switching solution destined to once again set the standard for professional studio monitor controllers. Here we take a quick look to see just how far SPL’s highly revered MTC model has come in 2022...

  • Posted on 25 April 2022 by Roy Brockington

Trade In For 15% Off Selected Mezes

Meze Audio are kicking off the summer with a limited-time trade in promotion. For audiophiles with a set of cans that have seen better days and are in need of a refresh, Meze’s new deal is borderline unmissable. Simply pick up your unwanted headphones, take them to any of our authorised Meze Audio dealers here in the UK and claim an impressive 15% discount.

  • Posted on 25 April 2022 by Roy Brockington

Detailed, Lifelike Sound: Meze Advar

Meze proudly present the latest addition to their in-ear listening range. As artful in audio presentation as it is in looks, the Advar offers a truly audiophile-worthy experience. Each Advar earphone is armed with a unique and precisely tuned 10.2mm single dynamic driver. Meze listeners will easily be able to recognise some of the best sonic traits shared by other Meze models, cumulating in an overall warm and dynamic presentation.

  • Posted on 13 April 2022 by Roy Brockington