ISO-Pucks Land at Decoy Studios

Owner and Chief Engineer at Decoy Studios is none other than English producer Cenzo Townshend. This month we visited Cenzo - joined by IsoAcoustics founder Dave Morrison - to arrange a critical listening session featuring IsoAcoustics’ latest innovation: the ISO-Puck.

  • Posted on 30 May 2017 by Roy Brockington

Munich High End 2017 Roundup

The High End Society show in Munich gives premium grade audio manufacturers an opportunity not only to exhibit their esteemed bestsellers to their loyal leagues of audiophiles, but also to present new offerings to the market.

  • Posted on 25 May 2017 by Roy Brockington

CM Inspires Young Adults Through Music Education

Last week we caught up with Community Music Director of Development Sam Johnson who was kind enough to give us a tour of CM’s centre complex in Whitechapel, and talk us through some of the awe-inspiring equipment currently being used in their music tech and recording education process.

  • Posted on 23 May 2017 by Roy Brockington

How To Choose The Right Fostex 6301 For You

The Fostex 6301 has been an essential tool for many project studios, mobile studios, educational and AV facilities the world over. To cater for the widest range of listening and recording scenarios possible, Fostex have created four different variants.

  • Posted on 9 May 2017 by Roy Brockington

How To Improve Monitoring Isolation With ISO-Pucks!

The ISO-Puck is the newest product from IsoAcoustics – a modular (and fully scalable) take on their acclaimed L8R family of stands! To cater for a greater number of different isolating configurations, ISO-Pucks are sold in pairs.

  • Posted on 5 May 2017 by Roy Brockington