Audix Cabgrab Boom Extension For Cabgrabber


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Extension Boom arm for CabGrabber and CabGrabber XL

The CabGrabber eliminates the need for unsightly squat booms and frees up stage room for performers. It secures by a clamping mechanism directly to the cab or combo. 

The Audix CabGrabber/boom is a boom arm that attaches to the CabGrabber or CabGrabber-XL making virtually ANY miking position possible. The boom arm features a steel adjustable rod that enables the CabGrabber to extend up to an additional 305mm for a wide variety mic placement options on your guitar or bass cabinet.

The Boom simply screws on to the adjustable angled arm of the CabGrabber or CabGrabber-XL and can be moved into a variety of positions by the twist of a thumbscrew.

Check out the Audix i5 dynamic instrument mic as a perfect partner for use with the CabGrabber range.