Metric Halo 2d Upgrade Card For Mobile io



£325.00 inc. VAT

Used to upgrade older models of the ULN2.

 Now, with the new 2d Card, the 2882 can jump streets ahead of its competition again. The 2d Card greatly enhances the DSP processing power of the Mobile I/O, adds a brand new ADAT implementation and also improves the clock of any unit into which it is installed. Along with the new V.5 software it's a no-brainer upgrade!

New Features

Simultaneously Simpler to Use and More Powerful than v.4
Configure custom mixers to the specific task, many templates included to get you started

Five times increase in DSP power compared to original Mobile I/O
The 2d Card supercharges the Mobile I/O. With full support for all sample-rates and flexible multi-bus routing you can do anything you can think of.

All new ADAT implementation with switchable TOSLINK support
Rock-solid ADAT implementation, with switchable support for Optical S/PDIF. This means that 2882 Expanded units now have support for Optical S/PDIF as well as ADAT, and ULN-2 Expanded units gain eight additional channels of I/O!

Simplified Routing
The v.5 Mixer incorporates the MIO patch bay router and FireWire returns directly into the mixer surface. As a result, you simultaneously gain additional routing flexibility along with ease-of-use.

Direct Insert of Plug-ins
Take advantage of a sophisticated direct insert model. No more cables, +DSP panes, etc. Just insert the plug where you want to process the signal. Done!

Multi-Bus Mixing
The v.5 Mixer allows you to create an arbitrary number of busses (limited only by the capabilities of your hardware). Unlike some other products on the market, all inputs can be routed to all busses, so you won’t be limited in what you can mix.

Sends are simply inserted in any insert slot, which means that you can send pre or post processing. Each send can be pre or post fader. Every bus in the system can be returned to any other bus in the system, so you can use the busses as internal auxes, mix-minus feeds, PFL busses, etc.

Ultra-Low Latency
With the Mobile I/O and v.5, you get ultra-low latency native performance and even lower dedicated DSP latency performance when you want it!

Integrated Surround Monitor Controller/Switcher
A consolidated, configurable routing engine that allows you to easily route and control the output gain of any set of sources to any set of outputs, from mono to 7.1 surround.

Full and Flexible Metering
V.5 supports user-selectable pre- or post- fader metering on all strips (including sends) as well as hardware metering for hardware I/O. Plug-ins have detailed metering where appropriate.

Incredible Sound
With v.5 the already amazing quality is kicked up a notch or ten. The new mixer expands upon the MIO’s original incredible 80-bit mixer, and provides direct access to the exceptional +DSP Plug-ins and adds new plugs like Character, highlighting the exceptional sound of the MIO converters and preamps.

2d Plug-In Bundle
Every 2d Card includes a bundle of essential signal processing Plug-ins that provide production processing for all Mobile I/Os.

  • Metric Halo’s exclusive Character signal processing available on every channel

  • The eagerly anticipated HaloVerb (mono/mono & stereo/stereo)

  • MIOStrip — a complete channel strip Plug-in which includes:

    • Gate w/side-chain filter

    • Compressor w/side-chain filter

    • 6-band EQ

  • MIODelay — a short time track alignment delay

  • M/S Decoder

  • Dither

Metric Halo’s Exclusive Character Signal Processing
Character allows you to turn the pristine ultra-low distortion preamp inputs in the Mobile I/O HW into classic “character” pres. With more than 15 different types of Character one is sure to suit your needs.

Software Field Upgradable to +DSP
Adding a +DSP license will allow you to take advantage of the greatly increased processing power of the new DSP. The +DSP license include a variety of additional Plug-ins including Multi-band EQs, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion Processors, and many more.

2882 2d card installation