EU Distribution: Benchmark, Avantone and Lindell Audio

SCV Distribution currently supplies Avantone microphones and speakers, Benchmark hi-fi and professional digital/analogue converters, Lindell Audio 500-series studio outboard and Kaotica microphone isolation products within Germany. Please details on our current international retailer network below.

International Dealers


Location Email Telephone Number
Kopfhöererladen (Hi-Fi) Austria +436648909935
House of Sound Switzerland +41612811020
Just Music Berlin +493088775566
KMR Audio Berlin +493029352426
Digital Audionetworx Berlin +493044328539
3-X Berlin Pro Audio Berlin +49306279310
Max Schulundt (Hi-Fi) Berlin +493031515340
Wyras Studio-Technik Braunschweig +49531332904
Thomann Burgebrach +499546922366
Just Music Dortmund +4923122688220
Aura Hi-Fi Essen +4920124670930
Soundland Fellbach +497115109800
Custom Audio (Hi-Fi) Gelsenkirchen +492093195181
Blackbeat Gladbeck +49204342291
Just Hi-Fi Glückstadt +494124604160
Just Music Hamburg +494087888966
Digital Audio Service Hamburg +494047113480
Rockshop Karlsruhe +4972197855400
Music Store Koln +49221925791501
Profi Musick (Hi-Fi) Lüneburg +49413133246
Just Music Munchen +498938388466
Hi-Fi Sound (Hi-Fi) Münster +4925158330
CML Studio Putzbrunn +49896097670


Becoming a Dealer

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for these products in Germany please download our PDF application form and follow the instructions below:

  •     Complete the form providing as many company details as possible
  •     Save the document to your Desktop (sending directly from your PDF client will result in the form arriving blank)
  •     Email the completed attachment to our sales team at

Once your application has been received we will be in touch as soon as possible with any further queries or to set up your account.